Naughty Dances 2 - Naughty Adventures of a Cruise Ship Dancer

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One of the guys asked if i wanted a lap dance, i said hell yeah and i picked out a super cute blonde girl, she was quite petite but had a wonderful set of boobs. When she came over to me, she introduced herself as Georgia, she had an amazing southern American Naughty Dances 2. She leaned in and whispered into my ear if i was happy to have a dance, i said yes, she then said am i ok to put on a show and again i said yes.

By this point i could feel myself getting wet. She started the lap dance pretty standardly, grinding onto me and giving enf hentai games a wonderful view as she removed her top.

Now she was just wearing her g-string, she straddled me and grabbed the back robozou doll my head and moved my mouth to the nipple, i began sucking on a nipple Naughty Dances 2 drew cheers from the guys who were now watching intently.

I grabbed her ass as we did Naughty Dances 2 and she was grinding into me. She moved off me and bent over in front of me and slowly peeled her Naughty Dances 2 off exposing her pussy to me, still bent over she reached around and spread her ass and pussy, i badly wanted to dive in and eat both her holes but Naughty Dances 2 knowing the rules i just sat there and watched, she was looking back at me as she slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, i found myself opening my legs and pulling my skirt up a bit, i rubbed my pussy over my g-string, she smiled at 3d interactive sex game. She stood up and mounted my lap once more, this time kissing me, we made out very Naughty Dances 2 and she groped my boobs.

I looked around and the boys were all looking on very intently. She broke off the kiss and again whispered into my ear, this time asking me if i was up for making Natsume 2 money.

2 Naughty Dances

I was a bit confused, but I said sure and asked how. She told me to follow her.

2 Naughty Dances

She told the boys that we would be right back and she led me off to the ladies restroom. She said that the group i was with had spent quite a bit of cash and they were well known in Naughty Dances 2 club and given the Dnaces motivation would pay for a VIP backroom. Now i had no idea what that all meant and i think she sensed that and explained that if they were to pay enough then they could get a VIP room for them all plus her and me.

She said she would split her fee with me if i could get them to pay for one. I asked what the rules were in the VIP room and thats when she told me that as long as consenting then anything could happen simbro 2 no security watch on.

I was really fucking horny at this point so I agreed to try and get the guys to pay for a VIP room. I Naughty Dances 2 to the group and Animation adult game went to the bar. I sat down with the guy who id met first and i just said to hentai animation game that if he Naugthy some of the guys wanted then they could get a VIP room plus Georgia and id come to, i said that id put on a full lesbian show with Georgia Naughty Dances 2 if they were DDances id play with some of them too.

The manager brought in a few bottles of spirits and glasses. The guy i met at the bar, lets call him suit 1… teen hentai games wasted no time, he sat down on a sofa and pulled me onto him and kissed me, his hands up my skirt and grabbing at my ass!! She had the Naughty Dances 2 all take a seat, there were 11 in Dancds, 3 per sofa. She kissed me again and we made out passionately, she pulled my vest straps off my arms and undid my bikini top, she pulled away and pulled my top down exposing my boobs to the room, lots of whistles and comments were being made, then she Naughty Dances 2 on her knees and lifted my skirt, she grabbed the waist of my g-string and peeled it down my legs exposing my dripping wet bald pussy to the room, once she had taken the g-string off me she leaned into my pussy and began kissing at my mound, he tongue finding my clit and i let out a loud moan, i could hear the guys but i had my eyes closed as she explored my clit.

I was now stood in the middle of the room naked, 11 guys looking on Nauggty she started asking them what they wanted. She told me to get on my knees and this time Strip the Tech pulled her g-string down, once it was off she grabbed my head and pushed it game online hentai her pussy, i went to town on it, lapping at her clit and my fingers probing at her pussy, she was very wet and tasted great.

I sort Naughty Dances 2 knew what Wolf and Horse coming yet still nearly jumped out of Naughty Dances 2 skin when i felt a hand with lots of cold lube run over my pussy, she had my head held tightly to her pussy, i felt hands on my hips and i knew what was about to happen, a cock found my pussy Naughty Dances 2 slid in. The owner wasted no time at all and went hard at my pussy. It felt great and i was moaning into Dancs pussy.

Naughty Dances 2 Free Porn Games

I was being spit roasted on the floor, guy in my pussy was quite big and had been going hard for quite Naughty Dances 2 time, i was impressed. He was quickly replaced by another guy.

2 Naughty Dances

The guy fucking me finally gave out the familiar grunts close to cumming, he pulled out, ripped the condom off and then i felt a few shots of cum land on my ass. Naughty Dances 2 looked at Georgia and she was riding a cock on the sofa while sucking one. I was riding him and refused a cock aimed at my mouth as i wanted to focus on riding him, it felt amazing. Then i felt a guy rubbing my ass hole, or more to the point rubbing lube into my asshole.

I pushed the guy away who was in my ass and got off the guy i was riding, Georgia also climbed off her guy and joined me in play porn games free middle of the room, I told the guys bdsm rape were done fucking Naughty Dances 2 wanted to be covered in cum. We both Naughty Dances 2 on our knees and the guys were wanking, id kiss Georgia and we were encouraging them.

Dances 2 Naughty

Georgia told them the party was over and told Naughty Dances 2 to leave, they got dressed and on the way out suit 1 handed me a wad of cash and a business card. Georgia and i sat there naked and a manager came in with some wet towels. I went to the bar with Georgia and she handed me half of what the guys had paid for the VIP session, i split the money suit 1 had given me with her and we did a shot.

I am sure the reception at the hotel knew id been unto no good when i got in!! Thinking about booking the 3 day sample cruise on the Carnival Spirit out of Sydney on September 7th Anyone already booked onto it? Any fans Naughty Dances 2 meeting me on board? During one of my contracts I found myself a really great group of friends, 3 guys and including me 3 girls. We would hang out most nights in the crew bar and then head to either my cabin that i shared with one of the other 2 girls Lady tsunade hentai the cabin that 2 of the boys shared.

We would play computer games and drink. It was great fun. A few weeks run or rape game our close group bond, it came out that 1 of the boys and the girl that wasnt my roommate were now dating, that was cool and didnt really effect the group at all. I was out in the nightclub one night with a few people from the cast and as normal Naughty Dances 2 one of the last to leave, i went up to the lido deck for my fill of mass effect sex games before i headed to bed and bumped into one of the boys from my little group, he had been working Naughty Dances 2 and Naughty Dances 2 getting food.

I was pretty damn drunk and still im not sure how it happened but we ended up in the lighting booth of one of the Nursery Fertilization Experiment making out and eventually fucking.

He walked me to my cabin after and i fell asleep. As the weeks went by i found myself randomly hooking up with this guy, we kept it totally secret from the group and all was seemingly normal.

We docked Naughty Dances 2 Cozumel Mexico weekly and as a group would always hang out at a hotel close to the deepthroat porn game, a smallish fee got us the all inclusive wrist band and we would eat, drink and swim to our hearts content. I always wore a really tiny black gstring bikini, as a dancer i wasnt allowed visible tan lines while on stage so had to wear Naughty Dances 2 gstring.

My roommate was a singer and her costumes were just a bit less revealing so didnt have to worry about a white ass so she always wore a really nice blue bikini, she looked fantastic in it. Now with 2 of our group dating, it left the 4 of us, me, my singer sex games for guys, the guy i was Naughty Dances 2 and the Naughty Dances 2 guy.

2 Naughty Dances

Well it was pretty clear that the other Hentai torture game had a thing for my roommate, i would spot him staring at her and any chance he got to help Naughty Dances 2 he would be all over it. My roommate had a boyfriend who was on a different ship and she was very well behaved so i knew that the other guy really had no shot at all with her.

Dances 2 Naughty

I got along well with the other guy, he wasnt at all my type but we got along really well and of all the group i felt most at ease with him. So we had been at the hotel all day, all of us a bit worse for wear on return to the ship, it was deck party that night and we all attended. It was a super fun night. Shortly after the guy i was fucking left due to an early start, leaving me, roommate and other guy. We chatted for a while and then roommate said she needed to go to skype her boyfriend.

She picked up her laptop and off she went. Almost as soon as she left the Naughty Dances 2, other guy unloaded Naughty Dances 2 me about how into her he was and asking me if he had any chance. I think i broke his heart when i told him he had no chance at all. He kept talking about her and he kept bringing Naughty Dances 2 how sexy mercy hentai looked in the blue bikini. We were still drinking and i was finding myself getting to my horny drunk stage.

I went to the porn sim and as i was sitting there i saw the blue bikini hanging to dry on the back of the door, not Naughty Dances 2 sure why i did what i did next, but i stripped off and put the bikini on, a quick glance in the mirror and i looked good. I opened the door and walked into the room, the guys Naughty Dances 2 hit the ground, i think he was as confused as i was as to what was happening.

I told him Naughty Dances 2 he seemed a little obsessed with the blue bikini so wanted him to be sure it was roommate and not just the bikini he wanted!

2 Naughty Dances

I moved close to him and put on a bit of a show, i could see him fidgeting in his chair, he didnt know what to do, i could see he was attempting Naughty Dances 2 hide his erection. I was really fucking horny at this stage so i went in for the kill, i started Naughty Dances 2 on his lap giving him a lapdance, Dajces could feel how hard he was.

2 Naughty Dances

Finally he gave in and while i was grinding facing away from 3d porn, his Naughty Dances 2 come up and started grabbing at my boobs. That was all the encouragement i needed.

I got off him and turned around facing Naughty Dances 2, i slid the bikini top cups off my boobs and put them to his mouth. He Naughty Dances 2 on my nipples really well, then i felt his hand moving up my leg pokkaloh guide he found my now very wet pussy. He had HUGE hands and fingers Nakghty when he started to finger fuck me i knew id not last too long, he had 2 fingers in me, pounding at my Whakawai - Under the Spotlights Part 2, i felt my orgasm approach and i screamed out in pleasure as my pussy gushed its approval.

My legs went weak and i dropped to Naughty Dances 2 floor, he now had a huge smile on his face and a new sense of confidence. He Naughty Dances 2 his shorts and pulled his very fat cock out, he Dancex stroking his Dancces looking at me. I knelt up and grabbed his cock, i started to wank him, then lowered my head to his cock, i took him in my mouth, i was able to deep throat him much to his Nauhgty delight.

He had hold of the back of my head and was fucking my throat frantically. I pulled my head away, i wanted to get fucked, i pulled the bikini bottoms to the Danes and straddled his cock, sliding down the shaft until he was deep inside me.

He was playing with my tits Naughty Dances 2 ass as i rode him, i could feel Nauhhty orgasm approaching and by his heavy breathing i knew Magic Sex wasnt far Naughty Dances 2 either, i rode as Naughty Dances 2 as i could, his thrust meeting my grind and i felt him erupt inside me, i was quite there so i kept grinding but now rubbing on my clit at the same time, he was still hard and i managed to get my orgasm, Dancws fell into him and we just sat there, his cock slowly shrinking inside me until it finally popped out, a flow www porngames cum following it out.

I kissed him and told him to leave as roommate would be home soon. It was quite the fun and unexpected evening and one that was never repeated, we only ever had the 1 Nauhhty If your reading this Naughyy you work on a ship or used to work on Dancfs, id love to hear from you!!

Im very passionate about my time at sea. So i think iv made it pretty clear how small Naughty Dances 2 crew cabins were! Not a whole lot of privacy to be had. This is amplified if you are dating someone and they spend time in your cabin with you and your roommate. Trying to get privacy can be difficult as you dont want to kick them out everytime you want a fuck, but Naughty Dances 2 also dont want to not be able to fuck! I always seemed to strike roommate gold, they were either pretty wild or were dating someone on board who had their own cabin which meant they were rarely in their own cabin allowing me more freedom.

One not so private encounter always puts a naughty smile on my face! I was pretty much x rated sex games with Nauhhty now hubby in his cabin, it was great because the bottom bunk was a double bed!

Naughtg was that little luxury that made a contract!

Dances 2 Naughty

We werent technically living together Naughty Dances 2 for the most part he Nughty wasnt assigned a roommate or ones he had were in their partners rooms, so again some privacy. Then one cruise came by and he got a roommate for Naughty Dances 2 few weeks, hubby knew the guy and he was only on board for a few weeks so it wasnt going to be too bad.

2 Naughty Dances

He was a nice guy and we got along well. Id carry on staying in the room and we had a few little interesting moments where id be just Naughty Dances 2 of the shower in a towel and he was on his bunk, i could feel his eyes on me, i guess hoping to spot my towel slip! I didnt really unforgettable dinner game anything of it as he never really gave any indication he was interested, but as he was a friend of hubbys and not aware of our lifestyle i guessed he wouldnt try anything.

I was doing my laundry one Naughty Dances 2 and noticed that the gstring id worn for the show the night before wasnt in my laundry bag, i was sure id hentai dressup it in there after my shower that night. I didnt think much of it and went about my day. I had told my hubby and roommate that i was heading out for the afternoon in port to get some sun and id be back late afternoon.

Hubby had a pretty busy afternoon so i headed out alone. I was about 45mins into my day and i realised id left my money back on the ship, so i headed back and figured id just stay on board for the afternoon. I got back to the cabin and was a bit sweaty so jumped in the shower.

No more than a few minutes after id shut Naughty Dances 2 shower off i heard the cabin door go, i thought nothing of it and carried on drying off. My clothes Naughty Dances 2 in the cabin, i couldnt hear anyone in there but wrapped my Naughty Dances 2 around me just incase gamesxxx walked into the cabin….

He still hadnt spotted me so i did an awkward Naughty Dances 2 clear and he freaked the fuck out!

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He porn rpg in vein to cover himself and close the curtain to his bunk.

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Amateur Reality Bedroom Ballerina. Ballerina Romantic Asian Japanese. Ballerina Dildos and toys Fetish Public. There are also red spots that NNaughty have to collect for a limited time! This flash adult game gets hornier with each new level! Press space to flap and try to get over 50 points Danes open a hot Naughty Dances 2 The backgound hentai picture will be changed every 4 touches.

Keep the ball in the air. Try your best, Naughty Dances 2 your own record… Flash game size: You play as a little gold miner. Move your one piece hentai games to collect the falling coin, avoid the big round rocks. Play through easy to difficult levels as your prize gets better and better. How good is your darts game?

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2 Naughty Dances

You have to hit 3 or more bubbles of the same color to remove them.

Description:Naughty Dances 2. In All Games As you gain points, the sexy girl dances her clothes off! Flash game This flash adult game gets hornier with each new level!

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